Asrock B550 Taichi Assessment

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Read an Overview of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provide to OCA by the Oklahoma State Senate Staff

Supreme Court Issues Decision on Patient Protection and ACA

The Supreme Court today issued their decision on several provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Avoid Select-Rx Pharmacy

It has been brought to OCA's attention that there is a new program called Select-Rx Pharmacy which presents itself as a company who seeks out your inactive chiropractic patients for a small fee but their true intent is nothing of the sort.

Technology: Friend or Foe?

Paperwork. Administration. Billing. Employees. Supplies. Collections. Equipment. SOAP notes. Insurance claims. Legal issues. These are the realities of a chiropractic practice, and we haven't even discussed the adjustment. Even with our best intentions, the technology that can bring relief to these efforts presents its very own obstacles.

OCA's Position on Supporting Political Candidates

The Oklahoma Chiropractor's Association is excited about this election year and our opportunity to get to know many of the excellent candidates for public office in a personal way, as well as encouraging our members to contribute to their campaigns in educated and meaningful ways.